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Track of the Day: "Code Emergency" (BT Mashup) BT + Andrew Bayer vs. W&W + Ummet Ozcan

If you tuned into to this week's episode of Tritonal's Tritonia or BT's guest mix on episode 26 of Group Therapy, then this tune will sound familiar. "The Emergency Code" is a spectacular mashup that wraps BT and Andrew Bayer's "The Emergency" around the pumping sound of W&W and Ummet Ozcan's "The Code."

These two are amazing on their own, but it surprised me how well the sound meshed together to add a different vibe to one of the favorite Electro tracks from the ASOT Expedition. BT is on a roll this year, having released hits such as his remix of L.A. by Super8 & Tab for Anjunabeats and the mindblowing "Skylarking.I'm off the wall excited to hear his new album and what else Brian has in store for us for the summer.


By Jenna Becofsky

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Free Download: ABGT 024 (Andrew Bayer Guest Mix)

After 24 episodes of Group Therapy radio, Above & Beyond's vision for the new show is finally starting to take shape. After leaving the beloved Trance Around the World back in the fall a lot of us fans wanted to know what the shift forwards would entail for the trio. Over the past few weeks the show has proven itself as a both an outlet for Trance and one where deep grooves and vibes blossom no matter their composition. This week's ABGT session brought us a wide variety of new music from Norin & Rad's new remix of "The Way You Are" to the ultimate troll of a flashback in the form of Arty and Mat Zo's "Rebound." Andrew Bayer upped the ante on his guest mix this afternoon bringing us 9 tracks off jazz-infused electronica that had the internet singing his praises. Check the tracklist below and click for an instant download!


01. Super8 & Tab - L.A. (BT Remix) [Anjunabeats] 
02. Peking Duk - The Way You Are (Norin & Rad Remix) [3Beat] 
03. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna - Lights (Juventa Remix) [Ride] 
● Record Of The Week: 04. Boom Jinx & Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin - When You Loved Me [Anjunabeats] 
05. Our Stolen Story - Warmest Day (Mike Shiver & Johan Vilborg Remix) [Silk Royal] 
06. Jason van Wyk & JPL feat. Cat Martin - Every Mile Away (JPL Club Mix) [Songbird] 
07. B.Exp - Overmind [Perfecto Fluoro] 
08. Eleven.Five - Pinnacle [Silk Digital] 
09. Jerome Isma-Ae & Sebastian Krieg - GT 40 [Jee] 
10. Andy Duguid feat. Julie Thompson - Skin & Bones [Black Hole] 
11. Ronski Speed - Sanity Dub (Mike Koglin Remix) [Euphonic] 
12. Rank 1 - Floorlifter [High Contrast] 
● Push The Button: 13. Above & Beyond - Walter White [Anjunabeats] 
14. Roald Velden - Time Flies By (Sedi Remix) [PHW] 
15. Weepee - Lilt (Matt Fax Remix) [Colorize] 
16. Max Freegrant & Jerome Isma-Ae - Thrill Me (LTN Remix) [Freegrant] 
17. Justin Oh feat. Remus - Where The Lights Fall [Arrival] 
● Flashback: 18. Mat Zo & Arty - Rebound [Anjunabeats] 
● Andrew Bayer Guestmix: 
01. Clark - As The Circle Closes [Warp Records] 
02. ID - ID 
03. J Dilla - Mash [Stones Throw Records] 
04. Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun - Lose Sight [Anjunabeats] 
05. Andrew Bayer feat. Deb Talan - You Are [Anjunabeats] 
06. Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May - Echo [Anjunabeats] 
07. Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love [Anjunabeats] 
08. Andrew Bayer - Soul Cry [Anjunabeats] 
09. James Blake - Lindesfarne I [Universal]

By Edward Fancher


"Nothing Ever Lasts" (Nitrous Oxide Remix) - Cosmic Gate & Andrew Bayer

It takes a lot for us to even mention a dance album these days, as the genre is not really about what albums have represented up until this point in time. Although a large amount of the tracks released on Cosmic Gate's Wake Your Mind were previously released as singles, there were a few surprises tucked in with the classics that make it a truly noteworthy compilation of Trance & Progressive. Andrew Bayer & Cosmic Gate's "Nothing Ever Lasts" brings back vivid memories of this past summer as the opening track on Above & Beyond's best mix to date for Cream Ibiza. Diving in head first, Nitrous Oxide penetrates the original sound, dividing it up into entirely new layers of bass and synth for us to wrap our skulls around. Invest your spirit in this truly driving and innovative remix that needs to be heard!

Wake Your Mind (Deluxe Edition) [iTunes]

By Edward Fancher


"Lose Sight" - Andrew Bayer ft. Ane Brun

This is not your typical Anjunabeats release, but that doesn't matter. While the majority of the artists on its roster adhere to its pop-Trance image, a few characters have always stuck sorely out of the web. Andrew Bayer has shown us through the years a remarkable musicality that bridges the gap between 121-138 and slower stirring tracks like this. As the first single off his upcoming album If It Were You, We'd Never Leave "Lose Sight" carries a heavily textured sound that's reminiscient of the more soulful days of electronica. Weaving together breaks with Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun's doleful vocal samples, Bayer paints for us a vivid picture of life and its many dramas that is sure to survive the test of time.

Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher


"England" - Andrew Bayer

This has been popping off as an intro to A&B sets for the past few months, and now the original mix is finally here with the release of Anjunabeats Volume 10. I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew Bayer, who in my mind is one of the most gifted talents the world of Electronic Dance Music is blessed with. Though this strays from a lot both his classic "In & Out of Phase" sound and the most recent previews he's been pushing out, it gets the energy pumping on the floor hard with some Electro House flair. Unlike his usual soft sound which is heavy on the bass and backbeats, "England" is an in-your-face ode to the night and a perfect way to start any set. Watch out for more features from Volume 10 as we roll them out!

Anjunabeats Volume 10 - Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher