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Preview: "Hey Now" (Arty Remix) - London Grammar

I have to admit that after being a longtime fan of Arty's, his releases within the past year or so have been consistently hit or miss, but the ones that do shine have been truly beaming. This is one of those tracks. With a dreamy Progressive beat that wraps itself around London Grammar's dripping vocals, the young Russian sensation unveils the true passion and rawness of "Hey Now" in a remix that eludes the stereotypical EDM vibe. Release your tensions and press play.

By Edward Fancher

Apr162013 Rips off Arty & Zo's "Rebound," Quintino & Silva's "Epic"

We all knew this guy was off his rocker to begin with, but this just goes into lawsuit territory. Just take a listen to Will's pathetic vocals over an unmixed, unchanged version of our favorite song to dance to at massives back in 2011 and you will hear a very sad man who needs help. Maybe you should listen to "Bang Bang" first before you totally lose it, where he completely rips of Quintino & Silva's "Epic," although in a much craftier way. "Rebound" is just a stolen record, so I hope Anjunabeats is cashing out on this one because they deserve it. 

"Bang Bang"

"Lets Go" ft. Chris Brown

By Edward Fancher


"Together We Are" (The M Machine Remix) - Arty

Arty's biggest success as a Progressive House artist to date has been taken on a beautifully unique spin by The M Machine. The almost eight minute long track takes you on a full musical journey with very uplifting vocals and euphoric piano tunes from the original, engaging you with happiness. Soon the song quickly transitions with glitchy electro noises that run their way into robotic sounds mixed with calm and ambient noises to bring you back to the beautiful chorus sung by Chris James. Everything the M Machine has been putting out lately has been one-of-a-kind and of the highest quality, so it's no wonder they've been getting so much recognition from the top artists!

Out now on iTunes!

By Daniel Madden



Free Set Downloads: Ultra Music Festival Weekend 1

Well, that was quick. Weekend 1 of Ultra seemed to go by in one giant blur, with epic sets being thrown down left and right. With so much to choose from, it’s hard for me to pick out my favorite set of the weekend. For me the best (streamed) set of the weekend would have to go to Armin van Buuren, although Hardwell came in a very close second with a set that was so good Twitter had to shut down his account due to the overflow of tweets directed at him. I think this is only a taste of what Hardwell can do, and I can definitely see a #2 DJ award in the near future. Weekend 1 set a pretty high benchmark, and hopefully Weekend 2 will be able to match it. See you down there, and watch for our whole review of the weekend tomorrow!

Dog Blood


Armin van Buuren


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"Together We Are" (Vocal Mix) - Arty ft. Chris James

Remember that Chris James guy? The one who sent deadmau5 lyrics and then ended up doing the vocals for "The Veldt"? Well, he's back, and this time he's paired with the Russian Progressive prince: Arty. I'm absolutely loving this track. It is a beautifully uplifting production, and the vocals from James complement Arty's epic chords so indescribably well. This song has some serious anthem potential, and it makes me salivate for two things: festival season and the Anjunabeats 10 release party. So kick back, relax, and ease your mind to this wonderful new piece of music.

By Sara Landry

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