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"Sex On Acid" (Original Mix) - Joeski

I can imagine sex on acid is something like Joeski's latest sweaty hot House tune for Maya Records. With support from the likes of Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox, this original is a brooding dancefloor gem that straddles psychedelic sensuality with that head stupor you get from repetitively intoxicating club music. Grab your copy today!


By Edward Fancher


"F.E.A.R." (Mr Rich & Billy Kenny Remix) - Ian Brown

UK producers Mr Rich & Billy Kenny add a pitch-black groove to Ian Brown's critically acclaimed 2001 single, "F.E.A.R." The remix bubbles over with pops in perfect unison to Brown's echoing spits, creating a moving House record that doesn't forgo psychedelia. Grab your download of the track below!

For each a road 
For every man a religion 
Find everybody and rule 
For everything and rumble 
Forget everything and remember 
For everything a reason 
Forgive everybody and remember 

By Edward Fancher


"Deffy" (Peppelino Remix) - The Menace & LOCA 

Scottish tag team The Menace and LOCA come storming in this Monday with a fantastic nu-Techno remix of "Deffy" from Peppelino. LOCA has an impressive background as one of Scotland's premiere female DJs, having performed for Fergie, The Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim, to name a few. Hungarian producer Peppelino adds a jet-black touch to "Deffy," with all of the build and drop-off that dancefloor audiences are craving these days. Release yourself and press play.

Purchase (Beatport)

By Edward Fancher


"Occult" (Original Mix) - Basil O'Glue

Greek producer Basil O'Glue darkens up our afternoon with the stinging Progressive original "Occult." As the 30th release for the newly founded Saturate Audio, the March release embraces the desire of crowds around the world for rolling basslines shrouded by smoky synth chords. With a roster that is rumored to be picking up the likes of Andre Sobota, Saturate is set on a collision course for international dancefloor prominence. Listen to our exclusive full stream of the original mix below and be sure to grab your copy!

By Edward Fancher


"Push" (Side Effects Remix) - Liquid Soul

Today's psychedelic Trance meditation is led by Side Effects, who adds an alluring bite to Liquid Soul's melody, "Push." While the remix is featured on the Israeli duo's own scientifically compiled City on Mars, the remix will have you transported well beyond the cosmos. From the disorienting intro, Side Effects mercilessly edge you up for almost nine minutes of deep consciousness exploration. Enjoy!

City on Mars: Beatport

By Edward Fancher