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Brooklyn's Electric Warehouse (The Lab) Will No Longer Host Raves

Ten minutes ago the management of Brooklyn's The Electric Warehouse (The Lab) announced online that they will no longer be hosting rave events at the venue. Although the venue is legal unlike those of many raves in Brooklyn, it has remained one of the main entrypoints into the NYC underground for years and we are all sad to see it go.

Full statement:

Due to excessive drugs sales during rave events the electric warehouse will no longer be hosting rave events. We are not happy about this but if we continue to book these events and partygoers continue to try to sell drugs on the premises the police will shut the club down. We have enjoyed hosting these events over the years but we are being put in a untenable position and have no other choice but to stop hosting these events. We thank you ravers for your years of patronage.

By Edward Fancher

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