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Mayor Calls for Ocean Club Close After 12 Arrests, 12 Overdoses

Quincy, MA mayor Thomas Koch called for the close of the popular Ocean Club venue after a spate of arrests and overdoses this summer. Undercover officers at the club allegedly have made over 12 arrests for "Molly" and cocaine there in the past three weeks in addition to responding to 12 "Molly" overdoses since late May, with two reported on August 31st. Interestingly enough, the Patriot Ledger describes "Molly" as "the street name for methylone," not MDMA. Police Chief Paul Keenan said he and the mayor will meet with the owners of the venue tomorrow to ask the company not to open the club for an event on September 20th. He went on to say that he and the city licensing board will push to keep the club from opening in 2014. The owners of the marina want to build luxury apartments on the club's site which they have used to assure local officials that the club won't be there much longer.

Via: Patriot Ledger

By Edward Fancher

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