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"Soothe My Soul" (Feed Me Remix) - Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode's latest album that released this Spring Delta Machine has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as "the strongest album the group has put out this century." Any festival fanatic knows that all the big DJs love to spin the Depeche Mode classics, but there's far more remix prospects in their synthpop discography than "Personal Jesus." Today I present you with a track that released back in July but has yet to be featured online, Feed Me's remix of "Soothe My Soul," the second single released off the album after "Heaven." Jon Gooch's monstrous persona has developed into a production outlet that feeds right into the meaty, synth-layering that sets him and this remix apart from a lot of the tunes circulating cyberspace right now. Jon recently pushed his album release back to October so we may possibly see this tune land a spot on the tracklisting. Stay tuned for more!

By Edward Fancher

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