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A Look Inside Mysteryland USA

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal broke the story that ID&T's coveted Mysteryland festival would be headed to the US shores next Memorial Day Weekend. While it was rumored that the festival was slated to take place at the famed site of the original Woodstock Festival in Bethel Woods, NY, the location (seen below) has now been confirmed. Via our sources we can assure our readers that the American version will be comparable to the original Dutch festival that has been around since '93, both of which allot for 20,000 attendees per day for three days.

This announcement comes following Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella's announcement 3 days ago via Instagram that he would be bringing EDC NY out of NYC and upstate to a camping-friendly locale. While it is speculated that EDC NY will take place at the site of Woodstock '94 (Winston Farm), the venue remains unannounced.

While I cannot speak much as to details, Mysteryland will mark the fourth touchdown for the Q-Dance experience on American soil pending any further tour announcements. ID&T is notorious for allocating its budget heavily in favor towards performers and stage design rather than artist fees, and with its recent acquisition by SFX that is set to be even more so the case as booking fees continue to be negotiated throughout its promotion network. This on top of a hefty $10 million budget has me thinking we can expect some serious partying to sets from some artists we wouldn't normally get here in the US. More details to come, but for now take a look at the original Mysteryland experience.

By Edward Fancher

Photo Credit: Snapping Turtle

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