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"Wipeout" (Original Mix) - Pierre O [Track of the Day]

As the sounds of Electro continue to blend with pop assuming a more mainstream sound, the more experimental sides of dance are flourishing here in New York City. Thanks to the huge upsurge of interest towards music-centric nightlife here on the East Coast, everyone's getting a good taste of what they want, with the techier sounds of House and Trance resounding through the hazy rooms of many small clubs and lounges here in Manhattan and Brooklyn. On the international scope Trance is being popularized by DJs like Armin van Buuren as melodic, but apart from him and a select few the sound keeps diving deeper into the darkness. Psychedelic Progressive is becoming more and more the sound to be heard as it converts the masses through transcendent, drifting moments near subwoofers and strobes. Today I present you with such a track that I assure you will be highly effective in inducing such a state.

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By Edward Fancher
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