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This Thursday at Camp Bisco 12: Squarepusher

In a more than a few senses, spectacular is a the only word to describe what went down at Squarepusher's sensory feast at Detroit's Movement festival. From the video screen Jenkinson wears on his head, to the perplexingly intricate exposition of choreographed lighting that makes up the visual spectacle, to the boisterous, intricately and densely layered electric bass that provides the aural thrills, it was a performance in the truest sense of the word. It was almost as if we were meant to stand and bask in the sheer brilliance of the production, rather than become involved in it ourselves. The set turned many in the Underground Stage into squirmers rather than dancers.

But to me, blasting Squarepusher's older stuff and seeing him live, I've always felt the opposite. No matter the cleverness of his cacophonous music, it's never failed to make me move uncontrollably. While Jenkinson has no doubt moved on from the days where he prevailed amongst the headiest acid Techno acts (if you want to call it that) on the planet, he still always manages to bring back that old style and strikingly elevate the endorphin levels in the room. In the end, gigs don't get much better than this. If you have a thing for crazy loud sound, this is one act you don't want to miss this Thursday at the 12th annual Camp Bisco festival. Squarepusher will be closing the night at the Label Tent - we'll see you there!

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By Edward Fancher

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