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The Expedition Continues: An Interview with Cosmic Gate

With a name that was once synonymous with Hard Trance, Cosmic Gate has rode the swells of Progressive to Electro and beyond. I was dying to find out how Privilege Ibiza's newest residents were enjoying ASOT Mondays alongside Armin van Buuren, and how the German duo met in the first place, so we sat down for a quick chat. As the two approach their headlining performance this weekend at America's premiere beach festival Wavefront, Nic Chagall and Bossi also let us know what Chicago attendees can be expecting this coming weekend.

Sierra: Along with Markus Schulz, W&W, Dash Berlin, and Armin van Buuren, you will be performing during ASOT's residency at Privilege in Ibiza for "Ibiza Mondays", how has this expedition compared to others in the past?

Cosmic Gate: The ASOT opening show was simply off the hook! Privilege was jam packed, even with Ibiza in mid June not being more than maybe half full, it was really amazing and promising another fantastic season for Armin and his residents who we have the pleasure to be a part of again this year. 

S: Can you explain the difference from performing inside the United States, Europe, etc?

CG: There is no huge difference in most of the clubs in our eyes. People just come to party and dance to their favorite music, feel the vibe and have a good time. It's not important which side of the Atlantic you live on, good parties happen here and there -- which is good!

S: Trance has come a long way and has really hit a huge rise in popularity in recent years, did you ever envision it getting this big or remaining more underground?

CG: Trance in our eyes still somehow is underground. A few songs sometimes stick out more than others, but in general you will not find a real trance song in the charts. Trance is maybe more popular in the club and on big festivals, bringing together huge amount of people to party together. We think Trance is simply the best music to party to by far!

S: What do you predict for the future of the genre?

CG: Trance is more and more mixing up with other genres, lots of house for example, and we think this is good. Always doing the same thing is not good for a development, specially of a music style. Things get boring fast in our eyes, so we think more genres will be brought together and mixed up, one will be trance, how it will sound, lets all be curious and as producers do our best to make it sound good and enjoyable, in which ever way.

S: Wake Your Mind has been your most successful album to date, how long did it take to produce? 

CG: It took a year in total from beginning to end. We tour a lot and can't be in the studio as long and much as we want to unfortunately, so it did take a while.

S: Do you feel as if your standards are set high now?

CG: We always try to reach that next step, as producers and djs, for us to stand still is the first step back, so we want to push standards to the next level. Now after Wake Your Mind, hopefully we come up with another album that will be received as well as it's sucessor....

S: A lot of your singles from Wake Your Mind have featured vocalist, Emma Hewitt, but how do you think different vocalists impact different songs?

CG: A good vocalist impacts a song of a lot, it brings a song to the next level, gives it what it needs to stand out from "just" a instrumental club tune. That's why it is important to find outstanding singers and songwriters like Emma.

S: You described your union by a "chance meeting in a record label office." Can you elaborate that story?

CG: We both released for the same label and through common friends we ended up in a studio with a bunch of other people, they left. We just made a fun jam session, produced a track in a few hours without any intention to work or dj together. After introducing this track to some record company, it started to get big very fast. We needed a project name, a video was done, etc. There was no plan and we had no idea that many years later we would be known under this name Cosmic Gate in the world of dance.  It really was a total chance thing, but it changed our lives big time. 

S: What would Nic & Bossi be doing if Cosmic Gate didn't exist?

CG: No clue, music is our first love and always will be. We're really glad and happy we found our way out there as professional musicians and djs. We appreciate every day we have!

S: Any special surprises for your performance at Wavefront?

CG: We have few new tracks to try out, but as always in our sets will go with the flow. We'll party hard with the Chicago crowd, we cant wait, it's our first major festival in the Windy City, so very special for us!!! 

I am more than excited to see this duo amaze the crowd at Montrose Beach this weekend! So Wavefronters - make some room on your schedule to get lost in the tides of Trance and Progressive this Friday at the Wave stage!

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By Sierra Rose

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