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Preview: "King For A Day" - Above & Beyond

It's been a while since Above & Beyond debuted a new track ("Walter White" at ABGT 001), but it's hard to blame them. With one of the heaviest international touring schedules of any production collective, Tony, Jono, & Paavo hardly have time for the studio. Regardless of the long wait, their newest track (title unverified) made its debut at their pre-EDC pool party at Encore Las Vegas, followed by their main stage set at the actual festival and their headlining performance at Electric Forest the following week. The new track follows the unmistakable vocal Progressive sound of Group Therapy that has captured the minds of hundreds of thousands worldwide. While I believe that the vocalist on this track is the London based Alex Vargas based on recent statements from Tony, it sure does sound a lot like Richard Bedford though the former is more likely. The track takes a decidedly uplifting spin on "Walter White," and we'll be anxiously awaiting its high quality debut on ABGT. For now enjoy a rip of the new track from their set at Encore Dayclub - stay tuned for more info!

This is my final day,

I'm gonna go out smiling,

I'm king for a day

By Edward Fancher

Photo Credit: Brooke Allan for EDM Lounge @ Electric Forest Festival

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