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"The Sound of Nature" (Plug 'N' Play Remix) - Mario Lopez [Throwback Thursday]

"Trance is not a genre of music, but a flow, an element. A true conveyance of human expression, culture, and diversity. Trance is not a genre of music, but a key to expression of the euphoric emotions from within yourself. Once you have trance, you can turn it into whatever you want. Trance is the epitome of sound, the sound men were looking for. That sound is a state of mind which gives you a form of positive energy to go on and it to share with the ones you love. It's a lifestyle - a habit fed by listening to a tune which catches your heart and electrifies your mind. It's a lifelong journey down the rabbit hole of sound, a mysterious experience bringing you to the far corners of the world, pressuring you with feelings you have never felt before. While some music raises questions, Trance remains the answer, carrying you into anything and nothing at the same time. It drags you into emotions from beyond. It feeds your every need and heals you when you're sick. It's the forbidden fruit, a taste sweeter than you've ever had before, but you can never make it completely yours." - Anonymous

Extended Remix

By Edward Fancher

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