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20 Reasons Why It's Not Too Late To Go To Electric Forest

I cannot begin to describe how excited we all are to embark on our return journey to Rothbury next weekend to celebrate the third annual Electric Forest festival. Since coming back from last year, I've been a sort of missionary for the festival trying to get as many people as possible to go so they too can take part in the most revitalizing experience I have ever had. It's never too late to celebrate summertime in America, and I encourage you all to join no matter if it's this week. Here's a short list of my reasons Electric Forest beats any festival, with some of our pictures from last year. 

1. Free Spirits, Everywhere

2. String Cheese, & Lots of It

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

3. Watching the Sunrise Over Big Wildcat Lake

Credit: Spady Photography

4. Above & Beyond Electric Group Forest Therapy


5. Drum Circles

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

6. Hoopers. Troupes of Them.

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

7. Pretty Lights Closing Out the Festival

8. Getting Dirty, and Not Caring

Credit: Brooke Allan for EDM Lounge

9. Trapeze Acts in Sherwood Forest

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

10. Coordinated Glowstick-Eruptions

Credit: Spady Photography

11. Lakeside Meditation Sessions

12. Taking In the Sights With A Friend At Your Side

13. Realizing You're Not on Earth Anymore

14. Finding The Stillness Within You

Credit: Brooke Allan for EDM Lounge

15. Hanging On The Hammock, Wherever You Want

16. Time Stops In The Forest

17. Nothing Beats Michigan In the Summertime

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

18. Hotels Are Overrated

Credit: Matt Urban

19. Celebrating America In the Heart Of It

And most importantly...

20. All The Beautiful People You'll Find Inside

Tickets Still Onsale

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