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The SFX - Live Nation Battle Has Begun

I apologize for two Pasquale posts in a row, but you can honestly ignore that last one because this is much more important. As rumors suggested over a month ago, Insomniac has partnered with Live Nation. Why is this important? Well for one thing, there are only two main players in the American EDM game now: SFX & Live Nation. Interestingly enough, both promotion networks were started by current SFX CEO Robert Sillerman (the former SFX sold its promotion network to Clear Channel over a decade ago and became the basis for what is now Live Nation). The current SFX network hosted over 1400 shows since 2012 through its companies that include Disco Donnie Presents, ID&T (Sensation, Tomorrowland, Q-Dance, Defqon), I-Motion, Miami Music Group (LIV & Story), and Life In Color. Live Nation now has control of HARD and Insomniac, as well as promoters within other music and entertainment scenes. This leaves us with Ultra Music Festival as the only major festival that is not involved in this game. I firmly believe that this will not affect Insomniac's trademark style of production (see Pasquale's statement here), however it does leave many questions unanswered as to how corporatizing our lifestyle of choice will end up for both attendees and investors alike. Stay tuned for more.

By Edward Fancher

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