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EDM Lounge Interviews Cazzette

I was able to enjoy a brief chat with Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund, the Swedish duo better known as Cazzette, before their set Saturday night at the Midwest's first ever Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicago. The two made a huge debut into the scene in 2011 after their first release of the remix "Sweet Dreams," originally remixed by Avicii. Their manager Ash Pournouri, most notable for Avicii's stardom, is one of the scene's behind-the-scenes powerhouses, but it looks like his magic has been working on Cazzette's rise to fame as well. "Beam Me Up" has been blowing up the charts, generating a combined total of 8 million views on YouTube and 4.4 million streams on Spotify, leaving the world in the palm of their hands. I wanted to see what they were going to do with it.

Sierra Rose: This is the first EDC Chicago, how does it feel to be here?

Sebastian Fuller: We really love Chicago as a city and the crowd here is amazing. We just play clubs here basically so, this is the first time doing a festival here so its really exciting and it's EDC so..

Alexander Bjorklund: Yeah, it's cool to be apart of the first one, ya know?

SR: How do you think Chicago will compare to other EDCs?

SF: It's really tough. First of all, it's raining today (laughter)

AB: There was really good sun in New York and even though Vegas wasn't it was still pretty hot, so...

SF: Ask us after our set. (laughter)

SR: After the set? Okay! Do you prefer the festival or the club scene? I've seen you guys at The Mid the past two times you have been there and they were awesome shows but I've also seen you at Ultra, which was equally amazing, so?

SF: Well I mean, we love clubs and festivals but I think we like to do festivals sometimes and sometimes clubs. Because if you just do festivals for awhile, it just gets boring, if you just do clubs for a while it gets boring. Theaters too are very cool. That's like maybe the best one because it's like a festival but still very intimate. You can look, see people in their faces and you know reactions and stuff like that.

SR: How long did it take to create "Eject"?

AB: Oh, that's tough, because we like decided later on that we were going to make it an album. So it wasn’t like, you know, were gonna make an EP and start now and it’s going to be this many tracks. Since we kinda changed it a lot. Everything was released in parts as well, three separate parts, we kinda had the opportunity to take great feedback from the first part and bring that into the second one and I don't know, what do you say, about a year...ish?

SF: Yeah, some tracks took one month to do, some tracks took a year to do. You know what I mean? It was very different song to song. But like all together, one year.

AB: Maybe...

SF: Maybe, two years, maybe.

AB: Really...yeah maybe? 

SF: Yeah, I don’t know (laughter). I don't really remember.

AB: Since we didn't really like decide what we're gonna do it just came naturally, so it was like...

SF: And we already had some songs ready for the album and some tracks we had to do when we decided to do an album. We had to push some tracks.

SR: Was "Beam Me Up" one of the tracks that was ready?

SF: That was the first original track we had ever made together.

SR: And that obviously blew up very quick. Was that something you really expected? Are you still shocked when you hear it in stores and commercials? It’s like everywhere now!

SF: Yeah, it's still hard to get it, you know, the whole thing actually. With playing festivals, and see it, the song in the Star Trek trailer, and stuff like that, it's very hard to get it. I don't know, maybe someday we will understand. 

AB: We're just excited, ya know. Everything moves so fast in the industry too. Suddenly, trailers and everything so we're just grateful I guess.

SR: Are you guys working on any new albums or singles right now?

SF: No. Singles, yeah. We haven't planned a new album yet but singles. We haven't planned to do the second album yet. Maybe we’ll do an album with all those singles.

SR: Do you have any crazy EDC moments?

AB: Vegas last year was so wonderful. One of the best shows ever.

SR: What was so amazing about it? The crowd?

SF: The music, the crowd was amazing, the setup with the whole festival. It was just beautiful and the day was perfect. During the day we had so much fun and like everything was amazing. You know, it was one of those perfect days. All our friends we’re together that we met the past two years and supported us, so it was really fun.

SR: Thank you for letting me sit with you guys, I appreciate it.

SF: Thank you!

SR: I’m really looking forward to seeing your show tonight!

AB: Yeah, thanks!

SF: Yeah, it’s going to be really fun tonight!

SR: Any surprises?

AB: Yes, always!

SF: We didn't think of one until two hours ago...

SR: Well now I’m even more excited!

By Sierra Rose

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