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Music For Your Morning: Liquid Soul Summer Mix 2013

I know it's hard to start my day listening to hard bass music, though I will admit Doctor P "Big Boss" used to be my go-to get in the zone morning anthem. This fine morning I present you with one of the finest liquid mixes I've ever heard from none other than the appropriately named Liquid Soul. Switzerland isn't usually a name we associate with dance music like other European countries, but Zürich has produced quite a jewel of a producer. There's something special about music that loosens your tensions but gets you grooving at the same time, and this guy has absolutely mastered in it. Whether you want to call it "Progressive Liquid D&B" or Psy-Trance he really is up to something different, especially when you realize that a lot of these tracks are also his own productions. Hold on because Nicola Capobianco is about to swim you through the ethers of audio.


1. Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul rmx) 
2. Major 7 - Revelation Downed (Liquid Soul rmx) 
3. Liquid Soul - Devotion 
4. Liquid Soul & Captain Hook - Liquid Hook
5. Liquid Soul - Purity 
6. Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy 
7. Liquid Soul - Global Illumination 
8. Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy - Darker Shades of Black (Liquid Soul rmx) 
9. Liquid Soul - Dreamdancer 
10. Freq - Dreambody (Liquid Soul & Orison rmx) 
11. Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality 
12. Protonica - Floating Point (Liquid Soul rmx) 
13. Will Atkinson & Nick Callaghan - Blizzard (Liquid Soul rmx)

By Edward Fancher

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