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Track of the Day: "Faster Than Light" - Far Too Loud

Ever since they stepped onto the field, Far Too Loud has been known for their throttling, high energy productions. The latest EP "Faster Than Light" holds true to their roots while adding another level of technicality to their arrangements. Oliver Cash, the man behind Far Too Loud, has a rare way of taking the usual electro-house wobbles and squeals and arranging them in a manner that is technical and unusual. The song kicks off with an ominous vocal clip that leads into a frenzied build with some whining synths and well-used filters. The verses have pounding rhythms which are tightly layered to keep the tempo moving at a break-neck pace - but this is just the warm up. The song title can be taken literally as the interlude carries a surprise. Instead of following traditional song structure and going back to the chorus, the tempo changes to double time and this track turns into an unrestrained drumstep thumper. The production quality is close to flawless, as even the most distorted and chaotic elements of the track rip through the mix in an incredibly clear manner. Pick up the EP today!

Out now on Beatport! 

By Andrew Cordivari

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