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"Cango" (Extended Preview) - Pelari

As the anticipation builds towards Tiësto's release of Club Life Volume 3, Stockholm on the 18th, fans are starting to get a first look at the insane new tracks from the mega DJ. One of my favorites is "Cango" by the relatively unknown Swedish act Pelari. So obscure, in fact, that their facebook fan page only has 685 likes on Facebook! Don't let that fool you though, if your first release is on Club Life, it must be pretty impressive, and this one definitely comes off as one of the compilation's shining tracks. With an insane kick drum and dope buildups with crazy synths this is the summer hit we've been waiting for. Make sure to keep Pelari on your radar as they continue to break onto the scene as some of the next big Swedes!

By Jesse Silverman

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