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Rusko Presents: Stir Fry Mix #2

Rusko remains one of the founding fathers of the dance music wave in the US, and one of the scene's most vibrant rebels. The British pioneer has brought us countless staples in the world of Dubstep from "Everyday," to "Woo Boost," to "Cockney Thug," apart from being the headliner of the first show I attended which will forever keep his music close to my heart. Personal feelings aside, this two hour mix of hand-picked tracks showcases both his ear for good music and his knack for slapping you in the face with unexpected sounds. The mix starts off with some groovy, chill beats but quickly transfers over to the heavy bass. Stir Fry really covers it all so the next time you want to hear new music but you're not sure what mood you're in, I would highly recommend blasting this.

By Sierra Rose

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