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Throwback Thursday: "Soundtrack to the Soul" - Kaskade

This week we leave the drama behind and take it back to '04. Kaskade has just scored his first two top-ten singles for "Steppin' Out" and "Everything" featured on his second release In The Moment for Om Records where he'd held an A&R position since 2000. We were promised a night groove instead of Progressive anthems for tonight at his latest stop in NYC on his Redux tour, so we've been digging back pre-Love Mysterious to once again hear where the inspiration for such a huge career found its roots. Nestled between R&B rhythms and a deep, Deep House backtrack you'll hear the romance and sensuality that underlies Kaskade's productions to this day!

Steppin' out of my mind rejuvenating
It's time to unwind, no more waiting
Tonight's the soundtrack to my soul
I've left the drama of day behind
Let the rhythm break the mold
This is the soundtrack to my soul
Make me crazy, make me move
It's burning up inside the groove
Deep within feel it pull
That's the soundtrack to the soul

In The Moment - iTunes

By Edward Fancher

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