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Electric Forest Unveils "The Electric Garden"

The very moment you step into Sherwood Forest you're no longer on this Earth. Last year we were all absolutely blown away by the beauty of the artistry and production at Electric Forest, which varied from contortionists dressed as butterflies to projections onto nets that were hung on the trees, creating the illusion that objects were swimming through the emptiness. The most impressive part of it all was that all of these installations were created by festival attendees, including a full saloon that would fit over thirty people made solely of objects found in the forest.

This year will see the first expansion of Sherwood Forest in festival history, with most of the new additions remaining a mystery until you step foot inside. However, the festival's Plug-In program has been working since early in the year to give grants to artists committed to bringing cerebral new experiences to the depth of the woods. The first grant given was to "The Cerebrum of Electric Forest" a huge projection-mapped brain that will hang from above.

There were so many submissions for the installation project that the folks at the Plug-In program decided to give away three more grants. Today we are presented with the latest recipient, "The Electric Garden." Laura and Dave from Boston (known collectively as "das'lala") have years of experience combining audio-visual technologies with art, and will be bringing us a spectacular feast for our eyes come June, billed as "an immersive and surreal digital nature experience." The Electric Garden is "an interactive, electronic, touch-sensitive garden that glows brightly upon human touch. This electroluminescent field of over 40 giant glowing flower sculptures will be situated deep in the Forest for festival-goers to play, touch, engage, and relax." 

Electric Forest Plug-In

By Edward Fancher

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