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"Yin-Yang" - Ashley Wallbridge

I can't say I've had the experience of seeing an Ashley Wallbridge DJ set, but from afar he gives off a huge feeling of mystery to me. The extremely underrated producer has continually wowed with a sound that usually fits like a glove into Gareth's Garuda imprint, bringing us classic vocal Progressive tracks with an almost overwhelming emotionally powerful kick to them. While Seven Lions' music gets "dubbed" "Trancestep," this is an entirely different take on that innovative idea that is much faster with an amped up bassline, a first for Wallbridge. While "Yin-Yang" remains unreleased and under wraps, we were lucky to get a full 7 minute cut of it spun by W&W from this year's ASOT in Miami. Parts of the song may go a bit too far (how many build-ups can you count?), but overall "Yin-Yang" is ripe with great potential to surprise at any DJ set. So in honor of 600 episodes of ASOT turn up the bass!

By Edward Fancher

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