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Track of the Day: "Carried Away" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Passion Pit

With all the hype coming from his Trap releases, I was starting to think Dillon Francis was trying to switch things up on us for good. Yet, here Mr. Francis presents us with another amazing moombahton remix ("MOOMBAHTON ON ACID" to be exact). The song was initially promoted through a Sony interview/YouTube advertisement where Dillon and Passion Pit discuss the art of remixing. One thing both artists mention is the need for the remixer to bring a new light to the song --a different interpretation of the song without disrupting its identity. Including chopped vocals and a happy synth variation of the original melody, Dillon does just that by cutting into a moombah groove to get a crowd bouncin'! Be sure to catch him dropping this on his Wurld Turr!

By Daniel Madden

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