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Be or Pick The King & Queen of Electric Forest & Win a Free Trip

The best part about the Forest is the people and the art they bring with them, and this year the festival through their Plug-In Program is bringing art to the forefront before the fun even kicks off! So far they've given a grant to the winner of the art-installation contest to build a giant projection-mapped brain called "The Cerebrum of Electric Forest." This week the Plug-In program kicks off their multi-week video "King and Queen" contest, with the winners picked by an online audience. The winners will both receive 2 Good Life passes, a $500 sponsorship on their idea to best improve the festival, and private rides in a golf cart "chariot." The first video challenge must be submitted by this Wednesday at 12 Noon. Make sure to watch the contest even if you're camera shy - one lucky voter will be winning a free 4 day pass!

Official Contest Rules

Week 1 Challenge

By Edward Fancher

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