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Throwback Thursday: "Scum" - Datsik

Known as one of the Gods of Dubstep in the dance scene today, Datsik recently released a classic '09 throwback for you all you bass heads. I was personally never a big fan of his, just listening to him here and there but never really paying much attention. But the release of this song totally changed my mind and made me fall in love with what he's capable of. The heavy bass riffs, slow tempo, and sound layering minimization is pretty awesome, echoing the grungier days of dark all-night warehouse raves. But what's even more incredible about "Scum" is how he keeps it old school while still targeting the new wave sound, quite a feat for 2009. Datsik, I must say you nailed it. Watch out for the upcoming re-release on his next EP out on Firepower!

By Cristian Mace

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