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"Black Magic" (Part 2) - Kill the Noise

I was converted to an obsessive Kill the Noise fanatic last year, and I mean it when I say that nearly everything he releases or is involved with I am crazy about. Having worked with Dim Mak, Mau5trap, and OWSLA, Jake Stanczak has proven to be extremely talented, versatile, a performer in every sense of the word, and understands music as something to experience and truly listen to - not just noise to hear. "Black Magic Part 2," his latest Drumstep creation, laces in choir-like vocals, heavy buildups, and furiously dense bass drops. The track goes into beautifully dark places and takes the listener up and down peaks of intense musical tension before releasing it as hard as possible. I had to get up out of my seat when I first heard this track because my blood was pumping so hard. So, Kill the Noise, once again I am bowing to your immense musical genius.

By Carol Oliveira


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