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"Suit & Tie" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Justin Timberlake

Dillon Francis clearly doesn’t give a fuck or shit and Justin Timberlake seems to be down with that too. As confirmed via Twitter, Justin Timberlake has accepted Dillon’s remix of his new single “Suit & Tie” to be officially released, date unknown. As a general music lover, this is an excellent song to pave a comeback and further proves there is nothing JT can't do. This also definitely seems to hold true with Dillon, who does the song proper justice while adding a very new spin to the tune with distorted vocals against signature snare kicks and sirens. I personally cannot wait to hear this played live on his World Turr coming to a city near you, and for now you can indulge in the track below. Enjoy!

By Steph Perez

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