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Track of the Day: "Nuke 'Em" (Protohype Remix) - Datsik

There is no doubt the evolution of bass music is upon us. With genres pushing their boundaries, artists are free to work with a variety of sound characteristics. Max Hype is currently an instructor at Icon Collective Music Production School based in Los Angeles, California, where he shares and instructs the creation of bass music. Under his stage name Protohype, Max shows us that there is no sound synthesis that will go untouched. Creating his remix for Datsik's "Nuke ‘Em," Protohype transforms what was already a intense track into a absolute mind boggling array of basses and synths that make you just say "Yippy Kay Yay." The sound synthesis and rhythm are really the highlights of this tracks, meshing sounds commonly found in Dubstep and DnB harmonically together. Although we are unsure exactly of Protohype's techniques, it seems that he is using Native Intrument’s MASSIVE along with some serious resampling to get some of the monstrous sounds. The use of the originality of the track, but still incorporating some signature Protohype elements, defines this remix as one of his best yet, so grab the free download!

By Jack Nunziato

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