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I Want More LP - Getter

A couple days ago, Getter released his new LP, I Want More. This latest offering from Datsik’s Firepower Records is exactly something you would expect from Getter – each track is filled with so much bass you won’t know what to do with all of it.

But what makes this album so good is how it's held together by Getter incorporating different style elements making each track different from the next. This is readily apparent in the title track, "I Want More," which has a Moombahton-influenced drum beat mixed with Getter's signature wobble.


Other tracks that stand out are "Lose Focus" (with Datsik, The Frim, and Snak The Ripper), his remix of 12Gauge's "Clutch," and "Crack That" (with Slosh).

Overall, I Want More is an excellently-produced LP, and is one of the best Dubstep albums I’ve heard in awhile. But be warned: there's a lot of bass. And it's toxic.

Out now on Beatport!

By Jack Ulrich

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