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Track of the Day: "Whiplasher" (Original Mix) - SirensCeol

SirensCeol, a.k.a. Stephen Burke, has established within the past year how well-rounded of a producer he is, releasing tracks ranging in genre from drumstep to soulful Dubstep. His specialty though is this Electro groove sound, and "Whiplasher," his latest creation, is a masterful display of his talent. By lacing a positive beat with smooth vocals, then transitioning into what I think of as "randomly arranged" digital synths that strike hard, "Whiplasher" is the perfect name for this track. The second drop slows down, is scattered and heavy, but is drifted alongside the lyrics. The contrast between lively and dense melodies makes sense and the craftsmanship of the song will make any listener appreciative. This San Francisco producer drops a free track almost every week, so tune in for what else SirensCeol has in store for the future. 

By Carol Oliveira

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