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"Skylarking" - BT (Original Mix)

There's something so massive about this track's composition that took BT over ten minutes to accomplish. Taking you along for a glorious ride, Brian Transeau introduces us to the first track off of his upcoming album release on Armada music. BT's style has evolved over the years, but his trademark stutter edit, which consists of repeatedly echoing a short sample of music to create a feeling of motion, is still thriving in this futuristic work for 2013. It is hard to grasp how truly carefully and meticulously Brian crafted this, as it comes off more as a meditation than a typical song. "Skylarking" is a work of art, a majestic Trance record with substantial depth and emotion to it, a sonic journey that is waiting to unfold.

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher

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