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Free Download: "Battles and Castles" - Figure ft. Qwel

This is not one to miss - Figure has been releasing top-notch tracks at a breakneck pace over the last few months and he just put out this one with some dope verses by Qwel for free as a tribute to his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Qwel is an independent rapper from Chicago who really lays down some awesome lines over an ominously melodic build, and the drop is done in typical fashion with speaker-blowing synths and snare drums hitting the listener in all directions. Figure has really been finding some great rappers to lay down the verses for his recent tracks (see "The Accident" with CasOne) and it's cool to see him fully take the reigns of independent music. The abrasive synths are supported by a melody that sounds like it is from a video game, but just in case you think this song doesn't go hard there is a vicious tempo change at the 3:30 mark that still makes this track headbanging-friendly. What can be better - consistently awesome, technically precise tracks under independent record labels that are released for free. Get this one now and if you're in Massachusetts check out his show this Friday at The Middle East in Cambridge and get your tickets through us!

By Andrew Cordivari

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