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Preview: "Bootleg Fireworks" (Rebirth) - Dillon Francis [Trap VIP]

Because we can never get enough Dillon Francis, do we need further explanation? Hints have recently been dropped all over Twitter that his massive track "Bootleg Fireworks" was in the works of a remix much like "Masta Blasta." Finally our ears are able to indulge in a new Dillon Francis remix of his song after premiering on Rinse FM radio just the other day. The song's slices and slower tempo were re-mastered into a Trap sounding masterpiece, and although there is currently only a radio rip of the song, be ready to officially download this sucker February 11th. If Dillon hasn’t already blown your mind (or at least made you chuckle), I encourage you to press play below and be on the look out for his WURLD TURR dates coming soon to a city near you!

By Steph Perez

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