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Track of the Day: "Diffused" (Music Video) - The Upbeats

Today we have some dark liquid Drum and Bass from The Upbeats, a two man DnB and Dubstep group out of New Zealand. These guys have been getting quite popular in the drum and bass scene, and their exposure through the famed UKF dubstep/dnb channel has proved quite helpful. Their new single features some almost tribal-esque style vocal that are whispered in an ethereal manner throughout the song, setting the scene for a strong melody. Combined with the crisp drum section and the very dark bass behind it all, this song really starts to get addictive after a few listens, as it almost seems to take on a trance feel to it with interweaving rhythmic patterns. I really like this mysterious jungle and breaks take on the liquid style of drum and bass, as the Upbeat's previous releases have been much more abrasive. As a special treat, the video that accompanies this song is one of the coolest graphical creations I have seen in a long time... definitely some very trippy space stuff. 

By Andrew Cordivari

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