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CounterPoint Music Festival Moving From Atlanta to New York

I always hear people compare massives to "Modern Day Woodstock," but now this might be for real. The small rural town of Saugerties, New York, where Woodstock was last held in 1994, is about to get some taste of Electronic Dance Music. After a huge lineup last summer in Fairburn, GA that we just missed by some last-minute logistical problems (basically we didn't have a car), the new 3-day camping festival is coming to the Empire State. This is definitely an interesting move by the promoters, especially considering the fact that the site where Camp Bisco is held is relatively close. This is pretty much a sure thing, being unanimously approved today by the local city council to be held July 11-13 at the Winston Farm. All that's left from making this a reality is getting the required permits. MCP Presents is hoping to attract around 20,000 festivalgoers this year, and shooting to expand in the coming years. Looks like festival season this year is going to be sweet, and we definitely need to get that bus I was talking about...

By Edward Fancher

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