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"Hanging On" - Ellie Goulding (Sound Remedy Remix)

Ellie Goulding is irrefutably a favorite for remixers, but that doesn't mean all remixes are created equal. There have been a few notable remixes of Ellie (Bassnectar's remix of "Lights", the Jakwob remix of "Starry Eyed", and the Blackmill remix of "Your Song", to name a few) and I am thrilled to announce that this remix by Sound Remedy deserves a spot on that list. I love the sound of this particular song; the bass and beat is nice and strong while Ellie's voice is contrastingly ethereal -- a wonderful juxtaposition. This is one of those tracks that I would probably consider Chillstep (look for it on the next Chillstep Playlist installment) because it's pretty mellow. Big up to Sound Remedy for another great remix! If you liked this remix by Sound Remedy, check out his remix of Nero's "Crush On You."

By Sara Landry

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