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Leaked Deadmau5 Track "Professional Griefers" ft. Gerard Way

This is an unreleased track from deadmau5 that has been floating around the interwebz for some time now. It is frequently used in live sets though it has not been officially released (this is not uncommon for Joel). This track goes pretty hard, and is one of my favorites, though a high quality version of the track hasn't yet been released. It is nice and Electro Housey, which is sick, and makes for some epic raging. I've seen this played live, and this track always works incredibly well with whatever else he is playing in the set (no shit, he's awesome at that kinda stuff). If you haven't heard it, have a listen. Even his unreleased shit is epic. If you like this, or even if you don't, hit me up on Twitter and tell me some of your thoughts. Enjoy! Also, look out for an editorial piece I've written on him that we will be posting soon!

By Sara Landry

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