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"There Might be Coffee" - Deadmau5

Deadmau5 has finally delivered the coffee… and just in time for the Veld Music Festival in Toronto where he is a headlining act alongside Avicii, Bassnectar, and more (full preview coming tomorrow!). Melodic and uplifting as mau5 tracks are known to be, "There Might Be Coffee" features an energetic mixture of thumping bass, percussion, and warm synths. Equipped with that signature "Deadmau5 sound," the track takes me to a different state of mind; simply stated, it's beautiful. Unofficially released on Deadmau5's soundcloud, he produced the track in front of millions of fans on his ustream, but it's sure to be a highlight of his new album in the works. Grab your favorite cup of Tim Horton's and let the music take you away! And if you're a Mau5head like me, check out this great interview by Canada's CBC which really gives you a feel for Joel Zimmerman. 

By Laryssa Loza

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