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"Goin' In" - Birdy Nam Nam (Skrillex "Goin' Down" Mix)

Not to be confused with Skrillex’s other remix off Birdy Nam Nam’s Jaded Future EP, this "Goin’ Down" remix is not to be forgotten amongst the huge popularity of its more drum and bass alternative.  Released on Skrillex’s own OSWLA, this track is sure to be featured at his upcoming shows such as Electric Zoo and by other artists on the label that represent a more moombahton and drum and bass style such as Dillon Francis and Birdy Nam Nam. This remix starts off more acoustically than its alternative with a background chime tune that sounds eerily similar to Skrillex’s own "First of the Year," but the drop surprises with a loud, resonating bass that is slower than the "Goin’ Hard" remix, but equally as powerful. Although its bpm of 140 is faster than the 87 bpm of the "Goin’ Hard" mix, its main synth is slower and more chopped to give it a slower and deeper feel. Another unique feature of the song is the chopped vocals that imitate the main melody with an added light synth that livens the mood.  

It is hard to pinpoint the ever changing genre of Skrillex; he has meddled with complextro, dubstep, and more recently of late drum and bass and even moombahton, but the eccentric artist continues to create incredibly unique sounding music and set trends that others cannot help but follow.

By Tommy Carolin

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