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EDM Lounge Interviews Big Gigantic

I met with Dominic and Jeremy, together who form the jazz-electronica duo Big Gigantic. After following them from Manhattan at Governors Ball NYC to Rothbury, MI at Electric Forest, I can safely say these guys are one of my new favorite acts. Their unique production style which involves the combination of Electronic production with live drums and saxophone makes for a signature sound that you'll just have to see live to really appreciate. Gigantic follow suit with fellow Colorado producer (and Lounge favorite) Pretty Lights, who's also all about spreading the love (through free downloads). Here's some questions I asked the Jam-band of EDM at Randall's Island. 

How do you feel about Hip-Hop influences?

We both are super into that style of music. Although our stuff isn't outright Hip-Hop, I think it's influenced pretty highly by a lot of that stuff. We're big Hip-Hop fans.

Are you guys working on collaborating with rappers?

Yeah, that's something we're definitely aspiring to do, getting MCs involved and stuff like that. Since we're releasing a lot of our music for free, you know, it makes it a little more difficult to get a more high-profile MC on a track. But, we do remixes - you know that "Get Em' High" remix, a lot of people are into that kinda sound. 

Personally, Jazz music or Electronic music? You can't say both. 

Oh no, I can. Good music is good music, and I believe in that 100%. I love some pop songs, classical songs, hip-hop songs, just as much as I love the other. Good songs are good songs, for sure. That's the real answer.

Unlike most of the others, you guys actually use real instruments in your sets. Do you think instument use will die off?

Instruments aren't going anywhere, they've been around for like thousands of years. Yeah, it's all just going to evolve. I think now the computer is going to be looked at more as an instrument, especially with what you can do with it, and you can attach synths like you said. I think it will be a way to arrange music and produce, but I hope instruments don't go away, that would be like one of the worst things that could ever happen! I'll make sure that doesn't happen. 

So is EDM just another music fad, or something you think will completely revolutionize what the music industry is about?

It's kinda like when the guitar went electric. Shit just fucking goes. I think that the Electronic thing is going to stick in, but it's just going to be infused with everything else that's going on. The music industry is already changing, you know, the fact that people are putting out albums for free and doing stuff like that is making the record industry scramble. They're going to have to conform to what's actually happening. 

Do you think that the music industry is suffering because of free downloads?

The record labels are definitely already suffering. But music is flourishing, the people that are making it are. The record labels aren't doing as well. But at the same time, Skrillex, Bassnectar, people download the fuck out of that music. So there's a lot of music that's still selling, just not like it used to.

So speaking of Skrillex, how do you guys feel about him?

He's the man, he's the homie. Without him, we wouldn't be where we're at. 

So what did you guys study before you became Big Gigantic?

I didn't go to school like Dom did. I played drums (the school of "life"). I almost went to music school but I was torn between leaving Colorado and doing that or staying in CO and just privately studying with people and trying to get better myself. You know, school is amazing - I wish I could go back and do that, I would have been more trained - when you're forced to practice eight hours a day, you can't fuck around. I learned a lot from him: while he was here fucking kickin' ass (in NYC at the Manhattan School of Music), I was back in CO going around on the Phish tour. We had played together in a funk band - back in the day. 

By Anne Chang

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    EDM Lounge Interviews BigĀ Gigantic - Blog - EDM Lounge | Electronic Dance Music, News, and Reviews
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    EDM Lounge Interviews Big Gigantic - Blog - EDM Lounge | Electronic Dance Music, News, and Reviews
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    EDM Lounge Interviews Big Gigantic - Blog - EDM Lounge | Electronic Dance Music, News, and Reviews

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