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"Raindrops (Flinch Mix)" - Fytch and Captain Crunch

Just released today is this absolutely awesome remixed track from Fytch & Captain Crunch on the legendary Strictly Rhythm label. We here at EDMLounge have been waiting a long time for this track to come out, and we are super excited that it has been released. This track was played on BBC's Radio 1 Show with Skream & Benga and we have been obsessed ever since. It starts with vocals, and a nice loop, and then at the first drop, we have some awesome and crazy synth lines that just make you want to get up and rage. With a good percussion line throughout, this track is nice and head noddy and I am definitely feeling it. If you want to hear more from Flinch, check out his track "World On Fire" which is also pretty epic.

Of course, with the release of a new track means that there will be a bunch of remixes to follow, and I am looking forward to hearing those, especially since a little bird has told me that Dyro will be releasing a remix within the next few weeks. I'm excited. Let me know what you think about this track on Twitter (@SaraLange922), and keep an eye on the site and on our Twitter (@EDMLounge) for our write up on any remixes.

Out now on Beatport

By Sara Landry

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