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Sick D&B/Dubstep Crossover Remix - Love and Oxygen

by The Str8jackets and Sam Obernik, remixed by Xilent:


The Str8jackets & Sam Obernik - Love & Oxygen (Xilent Remix) by Strictly Rhythm



The Str8jackets & Sam Obernik - Love & Oxygen (Original Extended Mix) by Strictly Rhythm

Artist Profile by Strictly Rhythm:

London’s the town, Love is the theme. Mysterious masked London trio The Str8jackets have somehow coaxed sultry Sam Obernik (of It Just Won’t Do notoriety) back into the studio and the result is the life-giving Love and Oxygen, an upfront, unashamed song with Sam leading from the front with a vocal that we can confidently call her best yet. If the ‘Jackets main mix - a pretty thing centred on a nifty semi-acoutic guitar hook - floats like a butterfly, drum & bass fixer Xilent is here with the sting in the shape of an equally melodic but rather more frantic d&b/dubstep crossover remix. And breathe.

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