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Track of the Day: "Encore" (Music Video) - Aiur [Free Download]

This one really caught me off guard! Dan and Tim who collectively form the up & coming production duo Aiur sent me one of the most exciting new tracks I've heard in a while, which was greatly supplemented by the incredible video that you'll find below. Gamers at heart, the Long Island duo sacrifice sleep for work, and it really pays off. "Encore" is a thunderous Electro House anthem, but that's really as far as I can describe it. With immense, entrancing visuals accompanying the energetic rifts, these two will mesmerize you with their ability to bring the festival experience to your living room. With intense visual sequences of flashing kaleidoscopes, primordial ocean waves, and psychedelic fractal-based space scenes, this video is about to knock your socks off. Sometimes a budget may help, but without one talent is what truly separates - by the end of this immersive audio-visual experience I'm sure that will be clear. Big ups to them and make sure to download their whole EP Live for Aiur (donation not required).


By Edward Fancher

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