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Track of the Day: "Calling All the Lovers" - Manufacture Superstars (Figure Remix)

Figure is putting out remixes faster than I can keep up with, as it seems like I have posted a new original or remix by him for the last month now, but this one is a real treat. Manufactures Superstars rarely put out originals but Luciana has laid down some smooth vocals for big names like Wolfgang and Fedde le Grand before and she does not disappoint on this track. Her sultry, soaring vocals are quite the juxtaposition to the brutal "Figure-ized" bass drops in the song and it creates a wonderful balance between soft and heavy throughout the track. The ominous syncopation of the drums in the beginning instantly convey that this is no house anthem, and the synths even add a tad bit of mystery to the mix. By finding a balance between the two this track has the potential to gain exposure to fans of many different genres, proving the versatility of Mr. Gard's production skills. All of this is already quite a delight, but then the awaited tempo change comes in around the three minute mark to close out the song with a punch. The production quality Figure has been putting out is top notch for the genre - the snares and kicks are so meaty yet clean I almost feel like I could pick out one of his tracks just by the percussion. I am thoroughly impressed by the work this Gard has done recently and I've heard great things about his live shows so this one definitely is worth adding to your library. If you are in the NYC area don't miss him at Webster Hall next Wednesday - it's only 12 dollars! 

By Andrew Cordivari

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