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Track of the Day: "Credo" - Stefan Dabruck vs. Morgan Page

It's the End of the World Track of the Day! Morgan Page's latest masterpiece vs. Stefan Dabruck is a groundshaking tune that is sure to be the perfect soundtrack to all the apocalyptic stuff that's about to go down. Even if the world doesn't end as many predict, we should take this time to look into ourselves and see how far we've come. A huge change is coming to the Earth we've been blessed with, so now's the time to use our energy to change the status quo, and make sure the new age of humanity is flooded with light. This is the second massive tune coming out of Armada's newly founded Trice Recordings, which brought us a groove masterpiece in the form of "En Route" - Daleri a few weeks back. Blast this one from before you go out tonight, but remember to be safe in case this isn't really our last dance!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher

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