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"No Strings Attached" (Original Mix) - Netsky 

Belgian producer Netsky has been breathing fresh life into the Drum & Bass scene with a string of popular hits and remixes for the likes of Rusko and Skream, and the deluxe version of his debut album was just released in the states. In addition to a handful of remixes and live recordings, the deluxe album includes some unreleased originals which are quite a treat considering the rate this young man already pumps out new tracks. His album 2 received praise across the EDM world, but some DNB purists were sad to see him depart from his smooth liquid DnB roots. Fear no more: Netsky has listened! No Strings Attached is a new release that features a beautiful orchestral intro for nearly two minutes. Different sections of the orchestra join in as the verse progresses to make up a string composition that could stand by itself, with a truly amazing melody. And right when the orchestral section seems complete those familiar drums come in and the track transforms to an awesome genre-blending piece. The strings continue throughout the song interplaying with the bass and drum patterns to create one of the most innovative songs I have heard recently, and its definitely worth your time to check it out! I am excited to see what else this young Belgian prodigy has in store!

Out now on Beatport!

By Andrew Cordivari

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