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"3rd Earth" - Solarstone vs. Scott Bond (Heartbeat Remix)

Tune of the week on ASOT 587, and one of the highlights of Armin's just-completed guest mix on ABGT 002, the Heartbeat remix of "3rd Earth" is an sonic adventure into space and time. As the Dutch Trance veteran paves the way into our final space expedition with ASOT 600, he takes us further and futher into the abyss with ethereal melodies. Solarstone and Scott Bond's Trance anthem has long stood as a symbol of Trance: shuttering synth, haunting piano chords, and an uplifting driving beat that puts you in your own little world. The Heartbeat remix resurrects the classic for a 2012 audience, blasting us up through the atmosphere so we can be one with the universe. Get ready for the expedition to the final frontier because it's coming!

Listen to ASOT 587 Here

By Edward Fancher

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