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"A Night In" (EDC Orlando 2012 Anthem) - R3hab

Check yourself in, you've releapsed again. If you thought you were over your junkie days where you would take any Progressive House fix you could get, R3hab is about to prove you just how much you like it by injecting you with "A Night In" ecstasy that will open your eyes to the lights, your heart to the sound, and your hands to the sky. Rumor spread that there was a carnival of life, so Insomniac owls from all over the continent flocked to Orlando this past weekend with the Dutch soundmaster's anthem guiding them on their journey. At the Electric Daisy Carnival they made many other owl friends and danced with them, like EDM Lounge who took their pictures (going up today). Full release on the 23rd, but for now... the Tomorrowland rip!

By Edward Fancher

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