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Review: Dirty South @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

I've been to a ton of EDM shows over the past few years, but still something amazed me about this past Saturday when Dirty South took over Roseland Ballroom on his City of Dreams tour. With Gregori Klosman and Mord Fustang accompanying, the trio mesmerized the New York City crowd along with stunning lights and aerial acrobatics until the early morning.

After a stellar set from Klosman, fast-rising Electro-glitcher Mord Fustang took to the decks of the Times Square venue as more and more EDM faithful stormed the Ballroom. His unmistakable style paired perfectly with the bass-hungry crowd, definitely setting the energy high for DS to follow. Popular original tracks "Lick the Rainbow," "The Electric Dream," and "Champloo" had the crowd jumping, as did his epic remix of "Gold" from Fussy Boy.  If you didn’t know Mord Fustang before Saturday, you left a fan.

A few ticks off 1:00 A.M. Dragan Roganović, known to most of us as Dirty South, ascended behind the turntables and sought to capture the minds of New York.  Playing the same stage that has seen EDM greats Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5, Dirty South had to do something special that night to amaze the crowd. And he did. Abandoning his somewhat predictable set style, Dragan gave the Tri-State crowd everything he had to offer, transforming the City that Never Sleeps into a City of Dreams.

From the minute the opening notes of "Walking Alone" marked the start of his set, Dirty South left no doubt as to who owned the moment. Dragan’s set showed familiar bangers mixed in technically impressive and unique ways. Exhibit A: "Greyhound" (an iconic EDM track) mixed with his own remix of Miike Snow’s "Devil’s Work", one of my favorite DS tracks, a mix that set the crowd on fire.

Dragan continued to impress with both track selection and mixing ability, all to the best lights show I’ve ever seen in the city. An incredible array of lasers, LED’s and smoke overwhelmed the senses of the New York faithful. The experience was incomprehensible and unparalleled for a NYC show.

Dragan continued to captivate the crowd with the Skitzofrenix x Jeff Doubleu single "Rushin’," shortly followed by a massive mix of his own "Alive." New York stood awaiting the next big moment - it didn’t take long. As enduring Axwell & Dirty South remix of The Temper Trap’s "Sweet Disposition" dropped, accompanied by all visual effects Roseland had to offer, the NYC audience went wild. 

After revisiting "Devil’s Work," to remind everyone the night was his, there was no stopping Dirty South.  Classic mix "Bullet" x "Promises" (Michael Woods vs NERO) faded into the evening’s iconic moment – the climax of Dragan's 3 hour long set: Dirty South x Alesso collab City of Dreams. If you haven’t heard it live yet, trust me – it's something special.

Dirty South’s stock seemed to do nothing but rise Saturday at Roseland Ballroom, shown by a seemingly full house at 4:00 AM. Both Dirty South and his audience gave it everything they had for the final track of the night. Incredible lights and effects that amazed the entire night were put on grand display a final time as Dragan dropped a mix of "Sweet Disposition" x "Midnight City" (Eric Prydz Remix), with the audience erupting in applause.

Compared to the cold Gotham City that awaited us outside, Dragan's utopia was a wonderland of psychedelic lights, love, acrobatics, sweat and high-BPM dance tunes. Dirty South transformed Roseland Ballroom into a paradise, a city that exists only in our dreams. Quite simply, he killed it.

Photos from the Event

By Will Payne

Follow me on Twitter: @WillPayne24

Photos Credit: Rodolfo Lamaestra

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