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Track of the Day: "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" - Bloody Beetroots

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo takes his philosophy of “ordered chaos” to an awe-inspiring level, as The Bloody Beetroots boasts "Chronicles of a Fallen Love," a masterful release following their latest hit track "Rocksteady." A series of soft kick drums and piano play that underlie the soothing vocals of Greta Svabo Bech ("Raise Your Weapon") transition into Rifo’s trademarked Italian futuristic, hardcore punk style of gritty electric guitar melodies, glitchy mechanical leads, and gyrating white noise. SBCR has documented his vast background with a discography spanning much of the known music spectrum, as EDM seems to be his default outlet to bridge those separate experiences into musical works unlike any other. Belonging to a group of only a handful of producers in the world, BB is not only jack-of-all-trades, but also a master of them all.

By Kiren Srinivasan

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